bus stops with innovative elements translation in English

Thanks to the volunteer work of Tatrabanka employees, 4 bus stops in the village of Kapušany got a new face through their restoration and the addition of information boards with information about the national cultural monuments Kapušany Castle, St. Martin and the bearers of cultural traditions in the Kapušany municipality (FS Kapušančan, MSS Kapušanske richtaroše, children's circle Čerešenka, SZUŠ Kapušany, MSS Glória, choir Aleluja, Society of Shariš swordsmen Kapušany). The information boards are also available in AJ version via QR codes. The travelling public, the citizens of Kapušany, and tourists visiting cultural monuments in the village, especially the Kapušany Castle, are delighted to make the wait for the next bus connection more pleasant.

Implemented within the project Bus stops with innovative elements in the municipality of Kapušany through the financial support of the Tatra banka Foundation employee grant in the amount of 500 €.